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Backed by the ACCA, Air Conditioning Contractors of America, Fairfield is qualified to install, repair, and service Air Conditioning units throughout Canal Winchester OH and surrounding cities. We focus on innovative ways to provide our Canal Winchester Ohio neighbors with reliable, efficient, and affordable cooling solutions to bet the heat.

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AC Repairs

Catch the small cooling repairs before they turn into a timely and money consuming process. Fairfield handles a variety of makes and models for different cooling systems and HVAC units. The average life span of a regular HVAC unit is 10 to 15 years, and our team has designed a maintenance plan to help you get there while receiving the most from your system. In case of any unexpected breakdowns or system failures, our members receive preferred customer status making you our top priority. We only accept maximum cooling performance and you should too. We provide AC repairs in Canal Winchester OH.

Air Conditioning Installs in Canal Winchester OH

Not all cooling systems should be repaired. We use the word “should” because the inevitable time comes where your air conditioner’s repair cost and unreliable function is outweighed by the value a new cooling system installation brings. When determining if your current unit is at the end of its life cycle, we take great care to survey aspects of your system including layout, ductwork, insulation, and energy consumption. Fairfield Heating & Cooling works to find the most modern and innovative cooling solutions for your unique residential or commercial property type. Call today and learn about the savings and efficiency our Geothermal System installation provides!

How Geothermal Systems Work

When a cooling system utilizes geothermal energy, heat is basically removed from the home and transferred into Earth’s surface. Sound strange? Here's a look into how this eco-friendly system operates above and below ground:

Above Ground
1. Similar to the average air conditioner, a heat exchanger is used to absorb heat from the air into the contained water or fluid.
2. A heat pump then circulates the heated liquid into a series of pipes and loops beneath the Earth’s surface.

Below Ground
3. The cold soil, ground water, or rock surrounding the pipes pulls the heat from the liquid as it passes through.
4. Finally, the cooled down fluid is recirculated above ground to collect heat once more.

This complete comfort system leaves your yard aesthetically pleasing while decreasing your carbon footprint.

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