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At Fairfield Heating & Cooling, we provide you with the best heating services in Carroll OH. Heating and cooling is the single most expensive thing about a home. It pays to locate a contractor who at the very least is certified. It pays even more to locate one who is highly educated in his brand of HVAC equipment. Here at Fairfield Heating, we are licensed and insured, and members of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio, and North American Technician Excellence. We will conduct a survey of your home, ductwork, insulation, energy consumption and more.

Scheduling a heating service check-up for your entire heating system will save you from a heating disaster. Here's how:

  • A professional heating expert can quickly tell if your old heating system is on the way out and will need to be replaced soon. After many years of dealing with furnaces, boilers, and HVAC systems, heating professionals know immediately if it's time to replace instead of repair.
  • If you have never considered if your heating system is safe or not, now is the time to do so. A close inspection of your heating system may reveal some less than savory details about a previous install, old repairs, and even potential health hazards.
  • Older furnaces and HVAC systems require more attention. As they age, their chances of failure increase dramatically each year, which is where a heating technician steps in. A heating and cooling expert can inspect an older heating system and provide you with reliable information as to its lifespan.

If you need heating services this year, no matter what the weatherman says, don't delay. A professional expert at Fairfield Heating is your ticket to ride out all the bad weather Mother Nature can throw your way.

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Choosing a Furnace: Does Size Really Matter?

What type of furnace you need depends a lot on your home and your heating goals and there are a lot of things to consider from furnace sizing to thermostat controls. Before you install a new furnace there are a few numbers to consider that could greatly affect your wallet.

Have a look around your home. How high are the ceilings? How many windows? Are they energy efficient? How about ceiling fans, got any of those? Everything from the number of floors to the overall square footage factors into the type and size of furnace that will best suit your home.

Let's Break it Down
Furnace size is determined by how much heat a unit can produce in an hour in terms of BTU's, or British Thermal Units.

1 BTU = Time it takes to heat 1 lb. of water by 1-degree Fahrenheit
The higher the BTU rate, the more warmth a furnace can produce. Simple, right?
You own a home that is 1200 square feet – that takes a furnace that can produce anywhere from 36,000 to 72,000 BTU's which is a relatively small furnace in comparison to heating a 2400 square foot house, (taking between 72,000 and 144,000 BTU's).

Bigger isn't Always Better
It may seem like a good idea to invest in a larger furnace than you think you need but that isn't the case. This is a classic Goldilocks situation; an oversized furnace will produce heat in quick bursts creating temperature inconsistencies – this is also energy inefficient and will lead to the need for frequent repairs.

On the flipside, a furnace that is too small will overwork leading to a short shelf life, high energy bills, and uneven heat throughout your home.

As you can see, choosing a new furnace is like choosing a new mattress. To be comfortable, it must be just right.

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